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Surfboard Traction Kahuna Grip Mats by VersaTraction where originally invented to keep surfers feet locked in so they wouldn’t slip on wet surfboards. VersaTraction and Kahuna Grip has now been proven so effective, it is becoming a standard to keep surfers from sliding off their boards… and will keep you from slipping in your bath tub, shower, or Jacuzzi.

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Born From Surfing

Surfboard Traction Kahuna Grip Mats by VersaTraction the waxless surf wax alternative, surfboard traction pads and Kahuna Grip mats are born from surfing. Our products are revolutionizing the non-skid industry with our high resolution graphic-capable, peel n’ stick applications that dramatically reduce slip and fall accidents. Made with patented hydro hold material, which contains millions of microscopic surface fractures. When these fractures get wet, they grip feet like little suction cups to prevent slipping. VersaTraction’s anti-slip properties double when wet, work in soapy/oily water and are family safe.

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Surfboard Traction Kits Kahuna Grip Mats by VersaTraction Work!

Kahuna Grip Bath Mats
  • So easy to install.
  • Order, take out of the package, and just set it in your board, bathtub, shower, or slippery surface…. That’s it!
  • Just SET AND FORGET. It’s that easy with our patented peel n’ stick anti-slip material.
  • No mold, no mildew, non toxic, non-abrasive, UV damage resilient!
  • Easy to clean.

The adhesive backing on VersaTraction & Kahuna Grip seals on tight, yet it peels off so easy! No residue, no film. Normal bathmats grow bacteria and mold. Kahuna Grip is like a transparent shield, never discolors, and repels mold and bacteria! It’s the perfect bath mat for bathtubs, walk in tubs, jacuzzis, pools, anyplace that gets wet.

Kahuna Grip Traction and Treads

What Customers Say

I’ll be ordering the 10′ SUP for my next longboard as it’s a better coverage tip to tail for a 9’2″er. I have found that this traction works best when cut into small pieces as each cut edge adds additional traction. This product is great for the boat and I will be moving to cover my 4th longboard for wake surfing.

@My 4th Board

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Such a great mat. I put them in all bath tubs in the house, and the bathroom floors. Remarkable grip!


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I love this shower mat. I could never find one that would stay in place and this one does the trick. My tub floor is very slick and I was always worried about falling.


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I didn’t even think about the grip, absolutely no slipping when riding and easy to adjust feet. Pop up and grip, just like with wax. Its magic and I am a convert.


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This shower mat does its job. Its thin you cant even feel its there and it does not peel off. Love this!

@Ma Cristina

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