Kahuna Grip Bamboo Weave 2 Bathmat

Kahuna Grip Bamboo Weave Bathmat Shower Mat by VersaTraction is your ideal DIY peel n’ stick bath/shower mat. Kahuna Grip mats are easy to install, easy to clean, made of up anti-bacterial, no mold, non-abrasive materials. Kahuna Grip mats are soft to the touch and have anti-slip properties that double when wet which allows the mat to work under soapy/oily conditions that occur in the shower to keep your family safe.




Kahuna Grip Bamboo Weave Bathmat Shower Mat Features & Details:
• Diamond Grooved Embossed Soft Touch Patented Peel n’ Stick Anti-Slip Surface (PAT# 9,126,388 PAT# 9,296,152)
• Protects Against Slipping on a Smooth & Wet Bathtub Surface
• Less Than 1mm Thick & Conformable
• Non-Residual Removable Adhesive (Clean, Easy Removal)
• UV Resistant, Digitally Printed Graphics, Images, and / or Colors
• Fully Customizable (Contact Us About Custom Printed Mats)
• Odor Resistant, Mold & Mildew Resistant
• Traction Doubles When Wet!
• Works Well in Warm or Cold Water
• Hand Wash & Spot Clean as Needed

Apply Bamboo Weave Bathmat Shower Mat at Your Own Risk, Not Recommended for Removal After Application on Natural, Painted or Stained Wood Surface.