SUP 12′ Traction Kit



VersaTraction SUP 12′ kit is your ideal DYI peel n’ stick traction without having to search for wax every session. This kit comes with 12 pieces of diamond-grooved surface with extreme VersaTraction technology and a non-residual adhesive used to bond to the deck of your surfboard. Every piece is paper thin and easy to custom cut for the best look. This kit is 120.5″x26″ (LxW) piece-to-piece and can easily be placed out to cover more surface area if needed.

SUP 12′ Kit (12pc) Features & Details:
• Patented Peel n’ Stick Anti Slip Material (PAT# 9,126,388 PAT# 9,296,152)
• Conformable, Non-Residual Removable Adhesive (No Mess)
• Size: 120.5″ x 26″ (LxW) Piece-to-Piece
• Material: Plastic/Vinyl (Very Flexible)
• Odor Resistant: Yes
• Mold/Mildew Resistant: Yes
• UV Resistant: Yes
• Customizable: Yes
• Product Care: Hand Wash

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VersaTraction/Kahuna Grip has unlimited uses and we make traction for many different types of needs. We have traction products for the following applications and more including, construction, home & bath, pool & spa, stairways, outdoors, marine, industrial, board sports, off-road, snowmobiles, watercraft, motorcycles, side by sides, and many others. If you need a custom traction solution please call us: 714-973-4589

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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 18 × 1 in