Wakesurf Deck Traction Kit

VersaTraction American Made 3 piece Wakesurf Deck Traction Kit. Your ideal DIY peel n’ stick waxless wakesurfer deck traction. The best wakesurf wax alternative on the market.

The VersaTraction waxless Wakesurf Deck Traction Kit is your ideal DIY peel n’ stick Wakesurf traction without having to search for wax every session. The wakesurfer wax alternative traction kit is paper thin (less than 1mm thick) and reduces drag in the water. It won’t melt in the sun and you don’t need different temps. The wakesurf board traction kit comes with 3 pieces of diamond-grooved VersaTraction that bond to the deck of your wake surf board with a non-residual adhesive. Each paper thin piece is easy to custom cut for the best function, fit and look. This wake surfer traction kit pre-cut piece-to-piece and can easily be placed out to cover more surface area if needed. The paper thin VersaTraction surface gives you a real feel for the board below your feet and can be easily trimmed to better fit the flow of your wakesurf board to give the cleanest look possible.

The highly durable polycarbonate / poly-elastomer blend that makes up VersaTraction. Is tolerant to UV exposure and heat. VersaTraction can withstand water and heat temperatures up to 342°F (172°C) and down to -20°F (-29°C). Allowing it to be used in different water temperatures. So there’s no need to buy different temps of wake surf wax. The non-abrasive diamond embossed textured surface is smooth, soft to the touch and mess free. Making your wakesurf board slide in and out of your bag easy and with no melty waxy mess. You never have to scrape, comb or apply wake surf wax again. Peel ‘n stick you’re wax free, go for a rip.



VersaTraction Wakesurf Deck Traction Kit Includes: 3 pieces of non-abrasive, soft to the touch, diamond-grooved peel n’ stick VersaTraction.

VersaTraction Wakesurf Traction Kit Features:
VersaTraction Patented Peel n’ Stick Anti-Slip Surface (PAT# 9,126,388 PAT# 9,296,152)
• UV Resistant, Digitally Printed Graphics, Images, and / or Colors
• Fully Customizable
• Easy To Install
• Conformable, Non-Residual Removable Adhesive (No Mess When Removed)
• Odor Resistant, Mold & Mildew Resistant
• Traction Doubles When Wet!
• Works Well in Warm or Cold Water
• Hand Wash and Spot Clean as Needed

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